How To Be Thankful On Thanksgiving When There Is Nothing To Be Thankful For

I woke up this Thanksgiving day feeling sad, lonely, and entirely unthankful for what this year has brought me.

I lost my Grandma to cancer in March. I lost my Uncle tragically in September (not to mention tomorrow would have been his 49th birthday). I am 2000 miles away from any of my family members. I am alone in a 100 square foot apartment watching Netflix.

Suffice to say that I woke up angry. I really didn’t feel there was much to be thankful for, that is until I decided to change my perspective.

I decided to be thankful for the 25 years I had with both my Grandma and my Uncle.

I decided to be thankful for all of the family that I love and miss so dearly.

I decided to be thankful for getting the job that took me 2000 miles away from my family into the beautiful city of Aspen surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

I decided to be thankful that I have a warm place to sleep and the luxury of internet to watch Netflix on.

This year has not been easy. It has been so unbearably tough at times that remembering all of the things I should still be thankful for seems IMPOSSIBLE. But I have decided to be thankful for all that I do have and stop wallowing in all that I lost.

Don’t get me wrong I would do anything to be eating my mom’s famous stuffing for dinner tonight, but Thanksgiving truly is so much more than just about food.

All of us have so much to be thankful for. More than we probably even realize. So if you are alone and sad today, just remind yourself of all of the good in your life.

Be thankful.

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