How To Change Your Life: Tips For Getting The Courage To Move Away From Home

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Changing your life is both simple and incredibly complicated.

It can be a simple decision to make in theory, but a very complicated action to follow through with, especially if you have never moved away before!

Whether you have a detailed plan of attack, absolutely no plan at all, or just have an idea of what you would like your life to be like, change is scary. The unknown is terrifying right? I don’t know about you but I am a creature of habit and comfort, and leaving home in search of a better life was a daunting thought. Why can’t I stay at home with my cats forever?! Well, because there is more to life than cats and being comfortable.

Seeing as you clicked on this blog post I know that you are in search of something more for yourself, but maybe you are lacking the courage to follow through. Maybe you need a little inspiration to prove just how brave you are, so here are my tips on how to change your life by moving away from home.

Tip #1: Don’t Forget Your Misery

It can be easy to take advantage of your comfortable surroundings and convince yourself that where you are isn’t so bad when in reality, 99% of the time you are miserable and dreaming about how to get away. This might sound pessimistic, but think about all of the miserable parts about living at home and the amazing parts of being on your own.

Think about the freedom and independence that awaits you. Think about your mom yelling at you to clean the dishes.

Do not become complacent and allow yourself to make excuses. Do not forget that you are meant for more. Do not get comfortable. Do not forget your misery!

Tip #2: Stop The Permanent Thoughts

Instead of thinking about your move as a permanent venture, think of it as an exciting adventure.

Just tweaking your perspective on what this move is will be a huge emotional lifesaver because you won’t be focused on what you are losing, you will be focused on what you are gaining. A new life!

For example, I forced myself to stop thinking that my move was the end of my time at home with my family and rather saw it as another notch on my adventure belt. This one trick immediately changed my mindset from being scared of change to excited about the future.

Tip #3: Set A Departure Date & Stick To It!

This might be one of the most important tips, so listen up! When you are planning your move, set a date, and then tell your mom, dad, friends, anyone who will listen what day you are leaving and I guarantee you will be much more likely to stick to the plan and actually follow through.

When I decided I wanted to move I refused to tell anyone the date I was leaving because I wanted to be able to change my mind, but when it comes to gathering the nerve to make a move, you have to hold yourself accountable.

The night before I was scheduled to leave I remember laying in bed and thinking, “I should stay for a couple more days, what would that hurt?”, but then I remembered that I couldn’t let my dad down since I already told him when I was leaving. I was just making excuses for why I couldn’t go.

Setting that date forced me to wake up in the morning, get in my car and start driving. So set a date!

Tip #4: Forget the ‘What Ifs’

We can get into a never ending cycle of ‘what if’ thoughts when making a big move if we’re not careful, so whenever you hear your mind wandering towards those questions of ‘What if I don’t get a job? What if I don’t make friends? What if, what if, what if…!’, physically say out loud ‘STOP’, and start thinking about something else.

You cannot be thinking about all the ways you could possibly fail because in all honesty there are millions of ways you could fail! But remember that there are also millions of ways you could succeed, and making this move in and of itself is a huge success.

Remember this: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Tip #5: Read Jack Kerouac Quotes

Now you might not be interested in driving with no end in sight, but the author of ‘On The Road’, Jack Kerouac, has tons of inspirational quotes about starting over in life, figuring out who you are, and learning how to love life. When I was getting ready to move, reading these quotes filled me with hope and excitement for the journey I was about the embark on.

“I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility”

“The page is long, blank, and full of truth. When I am through with it, it shall probably be long, full, and empty with words.”

“Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy and love or some sort of girl by a fireside, why not go to your desire and LAUGH…”

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain”

“What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?”

If Kerouac doesn’t suit you, look up any quotes relating to failure, success, inspiration, or moving on.

Tip #6: Make A Playlist

Whether you’re driving or flying or however you are getting to where you’re getting, you need music. Music can be your companion. You can sing along, cry, smile, laugh, finding the music that you love to listen to over and over again will make you feel a little more grounded on this journey.

Maybe watch the movies ‘Elizabethtown’ and ‘Garden State’ for music inspo, or search Spotify playlists.


Tip #7: Be Proud!

Be proud of yourself for acknowledging that you want more in life. Be proud of yourself for taking the steps towards figuring out how to make a change. Be proud of every step of your journey and know that it will all work out.

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