Statement Earrings Are Back & My Ears Are Happy

Statement earrings have made a firm comeback and my 15-year-old self is jumping for joy!

Throughout the years, earrings have gone through quite the evolution: from the early 2000s filled with gaudy, saucer-like earrings, to when minimalism was all the rage with dainty gold bars and simple studs, to ear cuffs, and now back to huge hoops and gorgeous statement pieces that dangle from the holes in our ears. I cannot get enough!

You see, earrings were my first love in the world of jewelry. I would stalk the earring section at Forever 21 and always leave with a new pair, although I wasn’t even allowed to wear earrings at school (stifled by military school ughhh), so I practically never wore them. I just became an earring addict/hoarder/collector, and I was blissfully happy.

Eventually earrings lost their flair to me. I moved on to other jewelry trends like stacks of rings, beachy anklets, and layers of gold necklaces, which meant my ear piercings remained empty for years. I still kept my collection on full display throughout college, but my past earring loving identity was so far removed from myself that even a new boyfriend looked at the rows and rows of dangly, large earrings and told me that he could never imagine me wearing something like that.

He was right, those earrings just didn’t suit me anymore, but for some reason I couldn’t part with them. Nor could I get sucked into wearing studs or dainty gold bars, I mean come on, I was the girl who wore huge seashell earrings in Hawaii…

But I am ecstatic because the statement earring is back baby and I am fully on board!

We’ve got geometric shapes, tassels, hoops, pom poms; earrings of all kinds are poppin’ (cringe), but my personal favorite is the chunky gold trend that Kim Kardashian brought into style (duh), it gives me some serious Dolce & Gabbana meets Mayan vibes.

BTW score for me because I found these brushed gold sun earrings in my mom’s jewelry box… Vintage? On Trend? YES!

I hope this trend doesn’t go anywhere, but if it does I don’t even care. I am a statement earring lover and I refuse to let that go again. How could those YSL tassel earrings ever go out of style?! Swooooon.

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