The Millennial Resume: The Dilemma of Choosing One Career

I spend a lot of time wondering how people can choose one career for the rest of their lives.

Just the thought of that scares me even more so than the thought of spending the rest of my life married to one person.

To be quite honest, I think this fear is the root of all my unemployed problems, for I am certain that if I knew the one thing that I was passionate about above all else, well then I would pursue it.

The first example that comes to mind is Casey Neistat & filmmaking.

Casey is a man of many passions, but filmmaking is his #1. Although he had less than nothing as a young filmmaker just starting out in New York City, what he did have was a goal and a passion that he knew he wanted to pursue wholeheartedly.

The problem is that like many of you I’m sure, I don’t have one passion.

Throughout my life I have wanted to be: a doctor, dentist, lawyer, journalist, environmental scientist, writer, non-profit owner, Peace Corps member, fitness instructor, business owner, CEO. You name it, I have wanted to be it.

If I had a steadfast passion then I would dedicate my entire life to succeeding in that, but since I don’t I constantly find myself sidetracked and bamboozled by what to do with my life.

How can I possibly dedicate my entire working life to one career when I want to do everything?!

The real dilemma comes when you have these feelings of not being able to choose a career path, but are forced to choose one as an adult who unfortunately needs to pay your rent.

Hence why I am living on my sister’s couch

This dilemma has consumed my entire life for the last two years.

I have considered getting some kind of certificate or going to specialized schooling, but I simply cannot fathom the thought of putting months of time and effort into something that I will probably change my mind about in a week.

Maybe I just have commitment issue.

What I do know is that there is going to come a time (let’s be honest it probably already is that time) where just having a career is better than nothing, but for now I am more fulfilled by sleeping on my sister’s couch (until she kicks me out) and trying to figure out my passion in life, rather than settling for a career that I don’t live and breathe for.

So until then folks, I will just continue to hope that in the future I can be a dentist this week and a SoulCycle instructor the next.

Never give up on your dreams… even if you don’t know what your dreams are.

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