The Government Made Me Hate The Environment

As an Undergrad, I chose the vague major of ‘Environmental Science’. People would ask me why and I could never rationalize my choice. I wasn’t particularly good at math or science and honestly, I didn’t care to learn about statistics on climate change or the doom and gloom of our future. I simply had an instinctual love for the environment and planet earth, so I decided to study what I loved.

My love for the environment goes back to my high school years when all I wore were cheesy ‘save the planet’ shirts and sweaters. I would write poems about unity and paint pictures of the Earth. I had no real vision for my future in the environmental realm, all I knew was that I was drawn to it.

My love for the Earth was more than a passion, it was a calling, but it soon became a nightmare when I realized the corporate nature of fixing our planet. Some oxymoron, huh.

After graduating with my Bachelor’s I promptly went to Graduate school for Environmental Policy in Washington DC where I immediately started to hate everything about the environment.

I hated that climate change was an issue reduced to debated policies and partisan politics. I hated that the government degraded something as sacred as the planet that we are fortunate enough to inhabit by denying the idea that humans are destroying it. I hated the job prospects of sitting at a computer doing research or drafting environmental assessments… I hated all of it.

I started to see the environment as a problem that was too complex to be solved, rather than a passion that I craved to enjoy. So I quit.

For the last 2 years I have been floundering with no direction and no concept of what I am doing because the future in environmental policy I had planned made me miserable.

August 2017 will mark one year since I quit school and although this year has been marked with far too many tears, more frustration and disappointment than I care to admit, and no success to speak of (yet), I have a reignited love for the passion I had lost.

I lost sight of my true calling in life for a long while, but I consider myself lucky to have rediscovered it (although I still don’t quite know what to do with it yet…)

I want to explore. I want to see the world. I want to meet people who share my love for this Earth. But I also want to do something good when I go, I want to save the environment in my own way.

What people, and even myself for a moment, fail to realize is that the environment is not a problem. It isn’t an issue that needs to be solved by our government. It is an entity that deserves our love as coinhabitants.

Let’s all give Mother Earth a little respect.

(PS: I’m sorry for these photos, they were taken in 2007, I was a Freshman in high school, my eyebrows do not look like that anymore, and yes I am embarrassed.)

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