The Millennial Resume: If Money Weren’t An Issue, What Would You Do?

When faced with the dilemma of determining what you want to do with your life, many say you should ask yourself this one question: “If money weren’t an issue, what would you do?”.

Although this question is clearly a hypothetical, it asks you to be brutally honest with what you value most in life (besides the cash flow).

What I’m trying to say is that this somewhat basic question can actually tell you everything you need to know about yourself because let’s face it, the reality is that money changes everything.

If money were no object would you stay at your current job?

Would you move?

Would you start your own business?

You would have free rein to do anything you ever wanted! And although this is fun to think about, the bones of the question get down to the nitty gritty and force you to take a hard look at why you aren’t living the life you described if money weren’t an issue.

Why are you staying at a job you wouldn’t stay at if you didn’t have to?

Why don’t you move now?

Why haven’t you opened your own business yet?

I know that life is so much more complicated than just quitting your job and living a carefree life, but I encourage you to take a hard look at what your life would truly look like if you didn’t have to earn a paycheck.

I, for one, would buy a van and drive around the entire US for a couple months, stopping at every National Park along the way. Then I would find a piece of land in the mountains, foster hundreds of dogs and animals of all kinds, grow an amazing garden, and live happily ever after in my dream home with my family.

My ‘if money weren’t an issue’ dreams aren’t all that grandiose, but that is what I dream of when I lay down at night and what I wish I was doing with my life right now.

Living a fulfilled, meaningful, and happy life doesn’t seem like a whole lot to ask out of our time here on Earth, but for some reason our truest desires get tangled up in the mess of money.

Ask yourself what you would do if money weren’t an issue and answer honestly. Write it down.

Come back to this question often, and remember that what you write down is the deepest desire you could ever ask out of life.

Then go try to make it a reality.

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