The Denim Dilemma: Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Finding a new pair of jeans has been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. Thanks to my 5’2″ (5’3″ on a good day) frame and what I like to call my ‘athletic’ thighs, jeans never fit.

This denim dilemma began when I was a tiny 7th grader attempting to pull up my size 0/2 Aeropostale jeans and found myself horrified at the realization that they would no longer go past my thighs. My confidence was shattered in that moment, and I am slightly ashamed to admit that I cried over this, but I was distraught okay!? Don’t worry, I now fully understand that the world will not stop turning if my pants don’t fit.

But, ever since that moment I have hated trying on jeans because 9.9 times out 10 they don’t fit.

I blame my waist to thigh ratio for being a little off the norm because the odds of finding the perfect pair of jeans honestly seems less likely than finding a  vintage pair of YSL pumps at Forever 21.

The waist is baggy, the thighs are too tight, they don’t fit around my calves (oooohh I can’t stand when jeans are tight on the thighs but loose in the calves), I don’t like the wash, there are too many rips, the detail on the back pockets are no bueno… Any other complaints ma’am?!?

“Oh umm, yes actually, I’m trying on these $200 Paige denim and I believe they are about a foot too long. No, I’m not exaggerating”.

That little dialogue with myself is a true story, with the photo evidence shown in the picture above. I’m still bitter about those jeans being insanely long. They were the softest denim I have ever felt (like sleep in them soft), and they fit like a glove. Just perfection. Except for the fact that they were 200 bucks plus they would clearly need alterations, and I only had $150 to my name. Parting with them was not easy…

You probably now understand why but, if you looked in my closet right now you would find one pair of jeans… ONE PAIR. That, my friends, is how picky I am about my denim.

My lonely pair of  $60 Zara jeans have been my saving grace for over four years now, and I will never let them go. Never.

These pants are truly an anomaly. There has to be some sort of magic woven in the denim because they fit when I gain a couple pounds and they fit when I lose a couple pounds. The wash and placement of the rips are perfect and they aren’t high waisted, but they also aren’t low riders. I am in love with these jeans. They will one day be passed down to my future daughter, unless they magically still fit me at 50 🙂

When you really think about it, how could designers possibly design jeans for every body shape/size? It is impossible. We are all incredibly different, but wouldn’t it be nice to grab jeans in your size and have them fit every time? Since that is not my reality, I will not give up the good fight against perfect fitting jeans. I will continue to try and try and try again until I find jeans to last me the next decade of my life. And you should too!

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