The World Is Big, But That Doesn’t Mean You Are Small

With 7.3 billion people on planet Earth it’s hard to feel significant.

Wrap your head around this: you are literally .0000000001369% of the population…

To some of you, this number might empower you. You are as close to a nothing on this planet as possible, but wow you could really do something amazing, and how awesome would that be if little old you did something great for this world? You are able to see your significance. 

To others, this percentage might make you want to give up on life. You might think, “What is the point of my measly existence?” or “What will it matter if I’m here or not?”

Yeah that is a lottt of zeroes, but the point is that it’s not zero.

Not one person on this planet is a zero and never will be, which means that each one of us has something to offer. Each one of us has a place, a purpose, a void to fill, no matter how insignificant that might seem.

The world is big, but that does not mean that you are small.

For those of you that fail to see your significance, I urge you to change your perspective.

Instead of viewing the impacts you will never make on a global scale, think of all the amazing impacts you can make on a local scale.

Instead of believing that you don’t matter, know that you do.

The significance that each one of us has on this planet is up to us to discover.

If you feel insignificant and you give up before you even try, then by default you have made yourself insignificant. But if you feel significant and you believe that you can do big and great things, then you have made yourself significant.

Just like playing the lottery, the odds are stacked against every single one of us, but someone has to win so stop telling yourself it will never be you.

And always remember that even Beyonce is .0000000001369% of this world, the exact same as you!

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